Summer garden in Karczma Młyńska

We cordially invite you to use our summer garden. It is a magical place, located near the Brda River in the vicinity of the beautiful Mill Island, where you can satisfy your palate and enjoy the view.


A really successful first class thank you meal after staying with friends nearby – all enjoyed in lovely garden/woodland setting with friendly, professional service – at a very reasonable price too.

Lotta R.

Im a beautiful part of the city, this beautifully rustic venue serves the best in local cuisine. The food is excellent, and generously portioned. The decor is wonderful and comfortable. Perfect for couples, families and groups. I have visited many resaurants in Bydgoszcz. But this was my first, and has remained my favourit.


I have discovered that place not far from main square, very rustically place with great atmosphere. Staff nice, taking care of customer. Food really like be gramma, fresh, tasty and typical polish.